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Untitled | Rivkah Khanin


Untitled Rivkah Khanin

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1. the puffin.

2. a fool or dunce.

Etymology: uncertain, presumed to be from Tom (short for Thomas) + noddy (probably short for obsolete noddypoll, alteration of hoddypoll, “fumbling inept person”).

[Photographers: heylormammy & shadow-and-flame-86sagereidceltes & nordford]

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Fairy Path (by Rob Travis)

Fairy Path (by Rob Travis)

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Winter Meadow by Michael Bollino on Flickr.Mount Hood, Oregon


Winter Meadow by Michael Bollino on Flickr.

Mount Hood, Oregon

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⋆ - Noxfae’s 2nd Giveaway - ⋆

Like everything i’ve been meaning to do this for a while now. I was shocked when my blog hit 10k followers and as a massive thank you for sticking around i’ve gathered some goodies for one of you lovely lot to win!


☆ : Silver half-moon pendant necklace

☆ : Tiny pieces of mixed gemstones in a cork jar

☆ : 1 small Amethyst chunk (rough cut)

☆ : 1 small clear quartz wand (rough cut)

☆ : 1 medium sized Amethyst (smooth)

☆ : 1 jade stone stretchy bracelet

☆ : 1 amethyst stretchy bracelet

☆ : 1 small black beeswax candle

☆ : 1 small white beeswax candles

(The large amethyst chunk and flowers are NOT included)


How To Enter, Rules & Info:

☆ : As this is a thank you to my followers, you must be following me.

☆ : You need to reblog this post, likes will be ignored however you may like for reference.

☆ : You can reblog as many times as you’d like, however I will only count it as one entry. (I would advise you reblog several times as tumblr notes can mess up and I may miss your entry) 

☆ : No giveaway blogs and you must be an active user.

☆ : You’ll need to feel comfortable to give me your address if you win in order for me to send these to you. If you’re under 18 please get parental permission. 

☆ : I will ship worldwide and pay for the postage and packaging. 

☆ : Make sure your ask box is OPEN.


The giveaway will end on May 12th. All entries will be placed in a random generator and one blog will be chosen. I will message the blog confirming they’ve won. If I haven’t received a reply in 24 hours I will choose another winner from the generator, and so on.

Good luck everyone, if you have any queries drop me a message. ♥

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Whatever direction your path may lead, walk it in confidence.


Whatever direction your path may lead, walk it in confidence.

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